IT Management & Business Operations

Business is a dynamic network of people, systems and practices that evolves over time and place. To perform at peak, we need a clear picture of what we have and where we’re going. We need metrics for measurement and improvement. We need processes and policies for consistency, clarity and continuity. We need to protect our assets, develop our people and raise our game.

  • Information Security and Quality Management
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Business Process & Policy Review
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • People & Performance Management

    Leadership is about people and performance. It’s about bringing out the best in people so that they can provide the right products and services most efficiently. It’s about creating a culture of innovation and community. And it’s about 360 degree communication. It’s about aligning individual objectives with business objectives. It’s about empowerment and coaching and trusting and challenging.

  • HR Process & Policy
  • Workshop / Offsite Facilitation
  • Organisation Structure
  • Team Building
  • Programme & Project Management

    I have managed numerous projects and programmes, and project and programme managers, for various brand name clients (hbos, cable&wireless, shopdirect, game, npower, anglian water) in different market sectors (banking, retail, telecom, utilities) and with diverse objectives and system integration requirements. Beyond the basics of budget, scope and risk, it’s really about real-time communication, transparency and cooperation.

    Product Planning & Roadmap

    I have designed and developed innovative software products and services for consumers and businesses ranging from standalone desktop applications to web based software to managed software as a service. I have managed product development teams and priorities, and planned the evolution of features and releases. At the heart of a great product is the user community, and you need to make it work for everyone, intuitively.

    Customer Experience

    At the heart of business is the customer; the consumers of your product and services. But customers are all different and unique. Some speak up, some don’t. Some like to use the phone, some prefer the web and others email. Today, we have to manage an ever-expanding network of communication channels both inbound and outbound. The challenge is to make it a good experience for everyone, efficiently and effectively.

  • Contact Centre Review & Improvement
  • Customer Service Review & Improvement
  • Customer Experience Review
  • Self Service Automation